About Adam

Adam was born and raised in Virginia Beach, and attended college at the University of South Carolina where he met his wife, Dana. Upon graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Religion and Theology, Adam began working for Young Life, a global outreach ministry to teenagers. In 1996, Adam and Dana were sent to Charleston to plant Young Life where they had the opportunity to share the Gospel with thousands of teenagers. After 15 years with Young Life, Adam sensed a calling to serve the local church and was hired by Seacoast in 2012.

With two Masters degrees and a Doctorate in counseling, Adam serves as the Pastor of Staff Care and Development.

Adam and Dana have two children, Matthew and Emma, and believe their highest calling is their marriage and their family. Adam can usually be found either at home with his family, at the church or surfing at the beach. His life goal is simple: to help people find the same freedom that God has given him and have a lot of fun along the way.