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What is a small group?

Small Groups provide a way to connect with others, make a difference in the community and challenge us to take a closer look at God. Small Groups are 3-12 people who meet in homes, coffee shops, parks or wherever there is room! Groups meet at different times and on different days throughout the week.

Why are they so important?

At Seacoast, our mission is to help people experience the full life that Jesus promised. We believe small groups can help us grow closer to God by placing in community with others who are on the same journey. Since God made us to be in relationship with Himself and to enjoy relationships with others, a small group is a great place to take your next step.

What happens in a small group?

Think party with a purpose…. Small groups spend time hanging out and building relationships. Sometimes it's a cookout, sometimes it's serving others, but it's always a time of encouragement with people who know you and love you. Small groups will also spend time looking at God through the Bible and praying for one another. Of course, what we hope will happen in small groups is people encountering Jesus and learning more about what He has come to offer us.

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