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Al Maldonado
Facilities Associate

Alexandra Hunt
Bookstore Associate

Amanda Brown
High School Ministry Leader

Amy Worley
Next Gen Admin

Bear Combs
Facilities Assistant

Becky Ford
Admin to Pastor of Small Groups and MTP Sisterhood

Brandon Lake
Worship Pastor

Brandon McCain
Student Ministry Leader

Brendan McSheehy
Security Manager

Brian Lewis
Men's Ministry Pastor

Brittany Kane
Café Associate

Caroline Lee
Custom Worship Leader

Catherine Brookes
Office Manager, The Counseling Center

Charsie Belcher
Preschool Coordinator

Cianna Nuzzo
Administrative Assistant

Courtney Petry
Next Steps Leader

Dani Lindstrom
Central Children's Ministry Coordinator

Danielle Gonzales
Assistant Café Coordinator

Don Burkert
Facilities Associate

Ducky Steward
Upper Elementary Coordinator

Elizabeth Reppard
Bookstore Associate

Eric Mays
Facilities Associate

Garrett Abel
Pastor of Seacoast Worship and Seacoast Music

Geoff Reppard
Pastor of Seacoast Small Groups

Gina Maldonado
Facilities Coordinator

Jacob Scaife
Lighting Manager

Jan Herr
Events Manager

Jenn Eck
Housekeeping Associate

Jenna Surratt
Sisterhood Pastor

Jeremy Black
Marriage Ministry Pastor

Jim McElmurray
Facilities Associate

Joel Delph
Campus Pastor

Joel Delph

Campus Pastor

Pastor Joel Delph loves getting to know new friends and spending time with his current ones. Prior to joining the Seacoast staff as the Mount Pleasant Campus Pastor, Joel earned a Bachelor of Economics degree at the University of South Carolina and has spent his career in both ministry and the marketplace. He is convinced…

John Gilmer
Guest Services Ministry Leader

Josh Ray
Mount Pleasant Student Pastor

JT Price
Audio Engineer Manager

Katelyn Vandiver
Digital Production Manager

Katie Crowell
Student Experience Coordinator

Katie Palmer
Kidscoast Admin

Kayella Youngblood
Cafe Associate

Kayleigh Link
Upper Elementary Leader

Kirsten Mohn
Care Groups Coordinator

Kristie Hogeboom
Won by One Coordinator

Kristin Mabry
Administrative Assistant

Lee Worley
Mount Pleasant Worship Pastor

Megan Ferrell
Bookstore and Cafe Manager

Micah Nichols
Music Development Pastor

Mike Barton
Facilities Assistant

Mike Ward
Production Director

Morgan Ray
Nursery Leader

Natasha Simmons
Worship Scheduling Coordinator

Nikki Johnson
Housekeeping Associate

Patty Smith
Small Group Admin

Rob McDonough
Facilities Associate

Sam Jackson
Worship Resource Coordinator

Sara Hendry
Lower Elementary Leader

Scott Hammond
Facilities Director

Stephen Popadich
College / 20's Pastor

Terri Kelly
Central Kidscoast Leader

Tim Lindsay
Pastor of Dream Team

Tim Smith
Bookstore Associate

Tyriq Glover
Live Video Manager

Walker Cobb
Facilities Associate

Wendy Puthuff
Bookstore Associate