Seacoast Stories From Jack Hoey

Relationships Can Be Hard, But This One’s Different

#Bible #Common Ground #find god #Love #prayer #relationships
Imagine you’re out with a friend one day and they announce that they’ve fallen in love. “That’s great!” you say, “who are they, what are [...]

What Can We Make Of The Present When We Compare It With The Past?

#Grow Your Faith #Seacoast Vintage
When I walk through the halls of Seacoast, I walk through memories. They live in the rooms, sit in the chairs, waiting for me to [...]

The Enemy And the Hero Of Your Unwritten Story

#Discover Your Purpose #Unwritten
I have an enemy. Someone (something) that haunts me, that waits for me every time I open my laptop. This might seem like a strange [...]

Redefining Greatness

#Discover Your Purpose #G.O.A.T
Here’s the root of our problem: We have the wrong definition of “greatness.” Jesus was a master at subverting the culture around him and forcing [...]

How Do We Make The Supernatural Become Natural?

#Ghost Stories #Grow Your Faith
When we read stories or see art from the ancient world or the middle ages, it often looks fantastical. Mythical beasts, demons, and angels are [...]

The Best Job You’ve Ever Had

#Career #Discover Your Purpose #ReStart Conference
What is the best job you’ve ever had? If it’s the one you have now, congratulations—that sounds amazing! For the rest of us, the best [...]

Angry Like Jesus

#Anger #Grow Your Faith #Where's The Love
One of the most important things we learn to do as we grow up is distinguish between good and bad anger. Some anger is unreasonable, [...]

The Missing Piece to Changing Hearts

#Make a Difference #Where's The Love
Where’s the Love? When love is missing, we know it. We see the results—the pain, anger, and fear that lead to loneliness, depression, and division. [...]

The Unexpected Joys of Fatherhood

#Father's Day #find god #Grace #Love
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Being a dad comes with a lot of surprises and we wanted to share some thoughts [...]

10 Books to Read This Summer

#Summer Reading
If you had to sum up your life in books, what would be on your bookshelf? Probably some books from when you were little—Berenstain Bears, [...]