Finding Breakthrough With Community

During a dark season in Zach and Megan’s lives, they began to look for a church with an authentic and transparent feel. At the time, Zach was struggling with a form of OCD, called Scrupulosity. This caused him to wrestle with his faith, and feel like he would never be enough to please God.

They started attending Seacoast, and in learning about small groups, they joined one thinking it could help them. They found friends who understood what it was like to struggle with their faith, and helped them develop a healthy relationship with God. “We were accepted right away, and it felt like home,” Zach said. 

With a renewed faith, Zach made the decision to be baptized. “It completely changed my world, and it’s completely changed my family, and my relationship with Christ. I know longer question my salvation, I’ve got clarity now.”

What about you? Don’t wait to get connected in the church. Find a community who supports you through your struggles and growing your faith.