Be Quiet

Bible Reference: Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

Devotional Content:

Some people wake up smiling and talking, while others wake up like a porcupine in need of plenty of space and cautious interaction—and lots of silence. Some people use an average of 20,000 words a day—mostly women—while others use a mere 7,000. (Ahem, men.) A caffeinated, extroverted, female morning person can easily blow through 100,000 words before noon, leaving the rest of us feeling like our own word banks have been robbed. Then there are the exact opposite type of people—those who scrape the bottom of their word barrel with a simple, “Good morning.” They guard their words carefully and bleed with every syllable. Know any of either type? (Don’t point.)

Whether we’re the ones doing the talking or someone else is talking, we live in a world full of noise. It’s the kids, the radio, the Starbucks barista taking our order, or the chatty neighbor talking about their health. The buzz of life is constant. We have to deliberately choose silence.

What’s so great about silence? Silence heals. Like cool water to a parched and depleted soul, we don’t even realize how much we need silence. God tells us to quiet ourselves, to cultivate a gentle and quiet spirit, and to make it our ambition to lead a quiet life. Doing so gives us rest. Then we set ourselves up to successfully tune into the gentle peace-giving, life-offering, truth-speaking voice of God without distraction.


Silence is a discipline we must deliberately choose to practice in this busy, noisy world. Silence heals and refreshes our depleted souls, allowing us to tune into the gentle voice of God.


As you practice the art of silence again today, keep paper nearby to write down the random thoughts demanding your attention. After your time of silence, categorize them:

  1. Can you tell when your word bank is depleted and you need some time of silence to refresh your soul?
  2. Try carving out some time of intentional silence today to quiet your soul before the Lord, whether in the car on the way to work, on a walk, or on the porch with a cup of coffee.



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