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  • Outrageous

    Jesus said some crazy things. Did he really say that true disciples should hate their parents? Do we really have to pluck out our eyes or cut off our hands if they cause us to sin? Jesus’ words were outrageous then, and they’re outrageous even now. Many of his contemporaries considered the things he said to be absurd, offensive, and even slanderous. But Jesus didn’t come to placate people. His purpose wasn’t to only say nice, comforting things. Jesus came to speak the truth, and sometimes the truth is a little outrageous. Join us as we explore some of the shocking things Jesus said.

  • Andrew McCourt

    Andrew McCourt shares with us about purpose and embracing our calling.

  • Messy Faith: Finding Our Story in Esther

    Have you ever wondered why your life doesn’t look like a Bible story? In the Bible, God talks directly to people and guides them. They always know what is the right thing to do is, even if they don’t do it. People seem to have the sense that God is always there, just within their reach. But the book of Esther is different. God is not mentioned once. In this story, people have to figure out things for themselves and the ending doesn’t seem altogether “good.” But it’s clear that God used Esther. Her story is a great example to us that our lives do not need to be neat and tidy for God to work. Sometimes we feel like we’re groping along in the dark, but Esther reminds us that we can trust that God is with us, even when we cannot see him.

  • Dave Smith

    Our lives consist of different seasons. In every season we need to seek what God would have us do. Join us as Dave Smith talks about three seasons we enter when we have a dream.

  • Christine Caine

    Christine Caine visits Seacoast Church to deliver a call to action for all believers, asking us to consider what we might be holding back from God.

  • Core

    A new year is like a blank page. A fresh start. We promise ourselves “this year” will be different. But that blank page never ends up looking quite like we planned. Habits we wanted to break remain, while those new projects never seem to get off the ground. This year, let’s do things differently. Instead of a blank page, let’s take the cluttered pages of our spiritual, financial, relational, and physical past and get them in order. When we focus on the most important areas of our lives, God will begin to change us from the inside out. This year, let’s focus on the Core.

  • Pause

    Distractions bombard us, cluttering our mental space and eating away our time. We are information-rich and time-poor; more “connected” than at any other point in history, and yet lonelier than ever. We crave a sense of belonging, to be a part of a story that’s greater than our own. This Christmas season, step back from all the noise and distraction. Stop to reflect and listen. Pause and celebrate the story of the baby boy who changed everything.

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