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  • Dino Rizzo

    Dino Rizzo gives us three statements about what we can distribute.

  • Naeem Fazal

    Pastor Naeem Fazal from Mosaic Church Charlotte shares his incredible story with us.

  • David Grant

    This weekend Pastor David Grant taught about three questions posed to us in Romans 8 that we each need to answer for ourselves.

  • Mixtape

    Music moves us. It has the power to make us happy, sad, and even want to dance. During Mixtape we want to listen to the music that is moving our world right now to see what we can hear.

  • Michael Murphy

    Michael Murphy shares with us about three kinds of water.

  • Outrageous

    Jesus said some crazy things. Did he really say that true disciples should hate their parents? Do we really have to pluck out our eyes or cut off our hands if they cause us to sin? Jesus’ words were outrageous then, and they’re outrageous even now. Many of his contemporaries considered the things he said to be absurd, offensive, and even slanderous. But Jesus didn’t come to placate people. His purpose wasn’t to only say nice, comforting things. Jesus came to speak the truth, and sometimes the truth is a little outrageous. Join us as we explore some of the shocking things Jesus said.

  • Andrew McCourt

    Andrew McCourt shares with us about purpose and embracing our calling.

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