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  • Josh Walters

    Our God has the heart of a father. The Bible tells us again and again that he is on the side of the poor, the widow, and the orphan. God stands for the fatherless; will we do the same? Join Pastor Josh Walters as he challenges us to begin solving the one of the greatest problems in our community: Foster Care.

  • Leo Bigger

    Leo Bigger encouraged us not to let our “crowns” be stolen by three circumstances.

  • I See A Church

    What do you think of when you hear the word “church”? Stained glass windows, a steeple, organ music, or a choir? The church actually isn’t a building or even a service. It’s people. God created the Church to be a community of people who know Him. Join us for this series as we learn about becoming the church God created us to be. When God sees Seacoast, we don’t want him to see a nice building or a great service. We want him to see a church.

  • Ready, Set, Go!

    When the Apostle Paul talked about his faith, he compared it to running a race. Paul wasn’t content to just plod along until the finish line, he wanted to win! Do we take our faith as seriously as an athlete preparing for competition? What would happen if we all found our marks, got set, and then ran with everything we had?

  • Dino Rizzo

    Dino Rizzo gives us three statements about what we can distribute.

  • Naeem Fazal

    Pastor Naeem Fazal from Mosaic Church Charlotte shares his incredible story with us.

  • David Grant

    This weekend Pastor David Grant taught about three questions posed to us in Romans 8 that we each need to answer for ourselves.

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